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Practical and delightful. Babies clothes by Oishi-m

Super funky threads for little people, Oishi-m are all about splashing kimono, vintage and retro fabrics together with denim and cotton to create indestructible clothes for skinny minnies and chubba bubbas from 000-2. For unisex or baby boys hoodies and rompers Oishi-m are the designers for you.

Oishi-m are a breath of fresh air in babies fashion. Out with pastel and in with fun, funky rompers and hoodies for the tiny tots! Unisex and indestructible rompers are great for skinny-minnies and chubba-bubbas from 000-2 - with plenty of potential for hand-me-downs to younger brothers or sisters. Denim and cotton combined with kimono, vintage and retro fabrics make Oishi-m practical, wearable and simple delightful.

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